Sandy Ayer

Services Provided: Studio Concept Study

“I can’t recommend ClubIntel highly enough to new or existing players in the health club space looking to launch a new concept or expand their existing service offerings. The health club market is maturing with the traditional segment consolidating while new segments are emerging. ClubIntel is uniquely positioned to help anyone understand where the market is going and what segments offer opportunities for profitable growth.

After a 20 year career in investment banking, advising multi-billion dollar public and private companies on strategic transactions at such large international investment banks as JP Morgan and Bear Stearns, I know the value of having proprietary, in-depth information when investing in and launching a new venture. Having researched the industry for two years, I was ready to invest, so I reached out to a number of well-known senior professionals in the industry to get their thoughts on which consultants would be best positioned to assist me in developing and launching my new venture. ClubIntel was at the top of everyone’s list.

After speaking with Steve and Mark, I immediately knew that Mark’s extensive experience in market research, complemented by Steve’s in-depth background and knowledge of the health club space was unique among the various consultants I spoke with and was exactly what I was looking for. Together, Steve and Mark led me through an extensive process of surveying the health club landscape and researching various concepts through third party reports as well as proprietary research tools and techniques to arrive at a concept that addresses an underserved segment of the market. I highly recommend that new or existing players in the health club space looking to launch a new concept or expand their current portfolio of offerings contact ClubIntel for their insights.”

Sandy Ayer
Entrepreneur and Investor
Health Club Industry