Finding the intangible qualities that turn customers and members into brand fanatics, and employees into apostles, takes an empathy and passion you can only find here.

ClubIntel’s Inspiration Service Menu includes:

Change Management Consulting (Operational and Strategic)

Disruption, and therefore, change are the one constant in capitalism. A business’ ability to thrive in a disruptive climate requires a passion for change. We offer both operational and strategic consulting services that assist clubs and other businesses in managing the change process. We provide management with assistance in identifying the need for change and then provide the supportive resources to successfully guide management through the change process.

Consumer Attitude and Behavior Studies

Consumers determine whether a business addresses their needs and lifestyle interests. Understanding consumer attitudes toward fitness experiences, as well as their behaviors, can provide a platform for modeling successful business propositions. Our work with associations, such as The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) and the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), looking at consumer attitudes and behavior around the fitness facility experience has provided the platform for us to offer similar studies of consumer behavior for associations and club companies.

Employee Development Consulting

Research into what drives employee engagement and happiness shows that one of the top five drivers of employee engagement and happiness, and consequently, business profitability, is an employee team given the opportunity to grow professionally. We offer fitness associations the resources to create online professional development and certification programs for their members. For clubs, we offer the resources to build a proprietary in-house educational platform or create a series of educational workshops that will expand the professional competencies of their workforce.

Employee Experience Surveys and Focus Groups

Research shows that happy and engaged employees are critical to fostering member loyalty and driving business profitability. We offer customized surveys, along with focus group sessions that provide insight into the level of engagement and loyalty among businesses’ employees. Our goal is to provide management with insights and strategies to drive profitability by more effectively engaging employees and creating a happier workforce.

Industry Performance Benchmarking Studies

Understanding the dynamics of an industry provides benchmarks for businesses to assess their own performance, and more importantly, to innovate for future profitability and growth. We have conducted financial and operational benchmarking studies for the Association of Fitness Studios (AFS), Club Spa and Fitness Association (CSFA) and the Association of Club Catering Professionals. We offer these same insightful studies for any industry group wishing to better understand the dynamics of their respective industry segment.

Member Experience Surveys and Focus Groups

Research shows that those businesses that generate the highest levels of customer engagement and loyalty are the same firms that are the most profitable. We assist clubs and related businesses in measuring the member/customer experience using proven approaches such as surveys and focus groups. Our customized surveys measure the topline metrics of member/customer loyalty, but we also examine the emotional and transactional attributes of a club’s offering. Our goal is to provide management with insights and strategies to drive enhanced profitability through the delivery of enriching and memorable member/customer experiences.